Client Feedback

Tien & Kien Wedding | Seattle, WA

Session: Wedding Videography | 07/16/2016

Thank you SO MUCH for capturing the most beautiful moments on our special day! NP Production team is extremely talented, creative, courteous, professional, accommodating and so friendly! We were tired and stressed out with the wedding but NP made it so easy to film, especially on the day they filmed our SDE video. It was early but they were on time and ready to film. Their directions were easy to follow and you know the crew is good when you don’t even realize they are there! They were in the background filming us as we were walking through downtown. We never felt pressured to act/pose in a certain ways. Our family and friends all enjoyed the Same Day Edit video at our reception. We are beyond happy and satisfied with the entire video collection that NP production edited and delivered to us. By the way, seeing the package from NP was literally like getting an early Christmas gift! It was nicely wrapped and placed in a beautiful box with all our DVDs and a lovely thank you note. We really appreciate your hard work and commitment. THANK YOU a million times! Stay superb =) We definitely recommend NP Production to ANY couple who’s getting married.

Bee & Thao Wedding | Wichita, KS

Session: Wedding Videography | 05/21/2016

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. We love our videos so much and there are not enough words to describe how we feel about them! This was an amazing team to work with. SO responsive to messages and so fun, yet professional and pleasant to work with from beginning to end. We cannot thank Hai enough for going above and beyond expectations for us so that he could capture all of the images that were necessary to make a video that we would love. If you are having any hesitations about hiring NP Production for your special day, don't. These guys are amazing and their delivery is worthy of more than just 5 stars!

Vu & Nhu Wedding | Wichita, KS

Session: Wedding Videography | 07-11-2015

Just had my wedding video by NP this summer... And i really enjoy working with NP, they work hard and very detail, very patient and most of all the video is great.... they deserve a 5 stars hohohohoho .... Again, Thanks NP for helping me capture the best moments of my special day...

Quoc & Phuong Wedding | Tulsa, OK

Session: Wedding Videography | 05/30/2015

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at our wedding. Your whole team were so sweet and professional. We couldn't have been happier with our choice to have you capture in our special day. We definitely recommend NP Production team for everyone we know. Again, thank you for all your hard works and all the wonderful moments you caught that we will forever cherish. We wish you all the best and keep developing your career in future. Thankssssss

Phuong + Nguyet Wedding | Wichita, KS

Session: Wedding Videography | 03/28/2015

Thank you NP Production for your talent and creativity! I'm really glad we had them to help us capture our wedding. They are very professional and knew exactly what to do. Has artistic eyes and will go above and beyond to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable. Our friends and family all enjoyed the highlight video. I highly recommend NP Production for your wedding day.

Davis & Payne Wedding | Oklahoma City

Session: Wedding Videography + Photography | 11/15/2014

I just want to say thanks a million to NP Production for helping us capture our big day over the weekend. You guys were great. I would highly recommend this team to anybody whose getting married in Oklahoma. They specialize in photography & videography, so you get the total package for a very reasonable price. They were very professional, accommodating, fun, and came prepared with all sorts of gadgets lol. Our family & friends all enjoyed the highlight video. We can't wait to see more!

Huu Anh & To Anh Wedding | Oklahoma City

Session: Wedding Videography | 08/23/2014

Hai and his team are amazing people! They are very professional. My husband and I were so tired and stressed out on our wedding day but they managed to work hard and made the video look amazing. They delivered the product on time like promised. I came home from work and saw the box in front of my door. It was like an early Christmas gift. I would definitely recommend NP PRODUCTION to any couple who's planning to get married soon. Thank you NP Production.

Tam & Emily Wedding | Oklahoma City & Dallas

Session: Wedding Videography | 06/14/2014

We have never had such an awesome experience with a professional group like with NPproduction -Enthusiastic, creative and talented - They would aim for quality not quantity in their products. We are so satisfied with all of our products from pre-wedding video to wedding hi-light / full coverage by NPproduction. Trust me I'm very picky and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed to do business with NPproduction!

Hung & Lan Wedding | Wichita, KS

Session: Wedding Videography | 07/05/2014

We love love love our wedding highlights!!! Absolutely speechless when we saw it. They cover every important parts of our special day. Our friends and families thought it was so good. NP Production will go above and beyond to give you a video you will definitely be satisfied with!!! Very trustable, hard working, and dedicated team!!! Highly recommend them.

Mai & Loc Wedding | Wichita, KS

Session: Wedding Videography | 06/28/2014

Amazing group of guys. My wedding video turned out better than I expected. I am a very picky and detail oriented bride. But they were so attentive and flexible that they were able to give me everything that I asked for. I received so many compliments on the clips they did for us. I highly recommend NP for anyone wanting beautiful cinematography at an affordable price.

Kim + Michael | Oklahoma City, OK

Session: Wedding Videography | 12/28/2013

"We can't thank NP Production enough for their work. Firstly, not only they are professional people, they are also nice and fun to work with. Secondly, upon meeting with Hai and Thanh, we went over the details of what we'd like to include in our video and sure enough they have captured so many key footages of our special day. Thirdly, my husband and I value tradition but want to add a modern twist to our memory book and they absolutely exceeded our expectations. So thank you NP production for everything that you guys have done for us. We highly recommend NP production for any wedding or any special occasion. - Kim"