About Us

         We are a group of individuals who have gathered together after realizing each other's common interest; to give life to imagination and ideas.  We began as a team late 2012 after seeing projects that individual members had made.  Realizing that we could expand our ideas and perspectives we immediately started collaborating with each other on projects. After becoming NP Production we've had experience with many projects ranging from weddings to comedic shorts, couple photo-shoots to senior photos. We look forward to see what we can make with you.

          1. Hai Nguyen - Lead Cinematographer, Photographer and Editor


       A little details about me:

                * I am 100% Vietnamese

                * I am 26 years old

                * I am a Nikon fan and like using Apple products

                * I would rather spend all money on camera equipment than shopping or else

                * My favorite tool to use when shooting: Glidecam

                * My favorite quote: "When you need something to believe in, start with yourself"

          2. Nick Ho - Cinematographer

                "Coming soon..."


          3. Thang Hoang - Cinematographer


4. Hung Vu - Photographer (Partner) 

"Coming soon..."